Gratitudes: Week Eight

I got little sleep early in the week, but once I managed to get a full day I felt great! So, naturally, this week I'm messing myself up again by not sleeping enough. I'll get better, I swear!

18 February
 Cody was dog-sitting over the weekend and through part of the week, so I was home alone with the cats, which is great except when vomit happens. I don't do so well with barf, but apparently Maxwell knows that so when Reuben horked, he took care of it. The less said about that the better.

19 February
I don't have the tax refund yet, but supposedly it should be more than enough to throw into savings and have at the ready should something go wrong. Hooray! Hopefully it hits my account soon. 🤞🏼

20 February
I have no idea how, but I discovered the My Favorite Murder podcast and I'm LOVING it! I've been listening to little else, despite the fact that the hosts have suggested other podcasts that I've grabbed and ALSO enjoyed the first few episodes of! It's a problem to have so much good entertainment to get through. I don't have the time!

21 February
I didn't really have the money, I shouldn't have taken in those calories, and I generally consider ordering Indian food at work a bad idea, but maaaaaannn was it delicious.

22 February 
I got a memorial tattoo for my girl Snap, who I lost to cancer in August. I had an idea initially for an eclipse tattoo, because she was a tiny force of nature and we had to put her down during the eclipse. But then I realized that I wanted something more to celebrate her life than her death, and so I thought of a disemboweled mousie toy because she was a mousie toy murderer. The artist who did the tattoo came up with a GREAT design that I love, and I think it's so fitting of Snap and her love of ripping out mousie toy stuffing guts. 

23 February 
I'd been beaten down for most of the week, too tired to function and just generally feeling crummy, but finally Thursday I went to sleep early and slept through almost the whole day. It was glorious, and just what I needed. I felt so much better after.

24 February 
I'm trying to perfect the process of making tofu because I love tofu and we eat a lot of it, so I've made a lot lately. The hardest part, though, was squeezing all the soy milk out of the bean pulp. It took forever and was just physically tough. BUT! I realized we have a JUICER and the entire purpose of a juicer is to do just that! It works tremendously, in case you were wondering. I'm SO happy!