Gratitudes: Week Five

Week five! We're some percentage of time into the year that I'm too lazy to calculate, but we made it through January! Despite my overly aggressive use of exclamation points!

This week I think I managed a gratitude every day, which I'm pretty impressed by, especially since not a lot went on over the week. I did my usual volunteering, I worked, and then Thursday night at work was pure elephant puke. A huge ol' pile of it, too. Man was that night at work awful.

28 January
I had to deal with a homeless lady trying to wreck up the place the week before, so it was nice to have a chill day instead of all that.

29 January 
I had to book it, but I got to the bus just in time! No sitting in the cold, hooray!

30 January
I've been fasting every Monday as habit lately, setting myself up for success since I know I'll overeat on the weekend. But then when I eat Tuesday at the end of the fast, I screw it up by shoveling all the saltines into my face instead of handling my cravings like an adult. So, I was smart enough to bring two kinds of vegan jerky, as well as flavored fizzy water to eat instead. Go me.

31 January 
It was SO delicious heck yes.

1 February
I really like the smell of smoke~

2 February 
This was during my night of elephant puke at work.

3 February
I couldn't think of much else cuz I had a headache. I don't think I even ended up listening to the podcasts. Or finishing the cleaning of the house. Dammit.