Gratitudes: Week Seven

Last week felt like a whirlwind! I got no sleep most of the week, though it was for a good cause; I ate so poorly I gained 6lbs, but only after hitting my lowest weight since (I'm guessing) middle school; I got expensive, fancy candy from my mom, and I got my taxes done!

11 February
Friday, I randomly asked on the Facebook event page for Mamrie Hart's book Seattle show if there were tickets left, because I was considering going. I realized after I commented that I volunteer Mondays and that going would mean I would get NO sleep, and also that Cody and I would have to work out the car situation, so I shrugged it off. THEN! I woke up that night to a SUPER nice woman offering me HER two tickets FOR FREE! She couldn't make it, and was just looking to give them away! Holy moly! I accepted, invited my friend Jen, and we headed down to way south Seattle to the show! It was magical and hilarious and I'm SO grateful to the amazing lady (also named Jennifer!) who gave me her tickets. I did sent her the swag from the tour, so she at least got one of the books she paid for, but she let me keep the other! 😍

12 February
I feel like I used this one before, but oh well! I fast Mondays, but was finding that eating over Tuesday nights was screwing me up, so now I eat something small. I specifically had bought some snacks to eat after volunteering so that my progress wasn't ruined. I am a genius.

13 February 
I was SO tired after the show Monday night/Tuesday morning. I got about 3 hours of sleep and could TOTALLY feel it that night. I was able to snag a 5 Hour Energy at work to keep me awake, though. PHEW!

 14 February
I generally don't do anything for Valentine's day since we all know the REAL celebration comes when all that sweet, sweet candy goes on sale. But, I had been wanting to try Starbucks' cherry mocha, so I snagged one on the way home. It was okay, not as cherry-ish as I'd hoped, but still a nice treat.

 15 February
Valentine's was nice! Mostly. I woke up in the very high 140s, which is a weight class I haven't been in for probably my entire adult life (I weighed 175lbs in high school), and Cody and I got a nice dinner at our favorite Nepalese place. I got "Indian-splained" by the waitstaff when they served me spicy food an I'd ordered not spicy, but that's cool. I get it; I'm a wimp. I did have a headache so bad I couldn't sleep and wanted to vomit, but it went away. Then work was weird, but... whatever. All the food was good, a friend took an Instax portrait of Cody and me for free, and my favorite ice cream joint was HOPPING, which I love to see! It was nice, dammit, and nothing is going to ruin that.

 16 February
It was miserable actually doing the cleaning, but now I'm not getting dust constantly blown into my face, hooray!

 17 February
Ahhh! My mom got me the (overpriced, tbh) expensive Vegan Treats valentine box! It was so tasty and cute! I'm keeping the box because it's BEAUTIFUL, but I ate almost all the candy in about twelve hours. It costs $100, and I think the contents are only worth about $30, but it was all so lovely and I'm SO grateful for the gift. The only treat in there I didn't like was the matcha green tea leaf candy. I feel like I used to really like matcha and green tea, but maybe 5-10 years ago my tastebuds went, "no, stop eating dirt," and now I'm not into it.