Gratitudes: Week Six

This week was my SIX YEAR Veganniversary, guys! I'm so happy. I wish I'd been vegan for longer, honestly, and if I could go back in time I might slap my younger self and ask her what she was doing  still participating in needless animal exploitation, but I can't DO that because I don't have a kooky scientist neighbor and it's not the 1980s (thank god), so all I can do is celebrate that I've been vegan for over half a decade and make tofu from scratch.

Anyway, here's Wonderwall my gratitudes.

4 February

There was some weirdness with the delivery of said tofu supplies, which I think must have come down to the delivery driver being stoned or something. I was home all day last Sunday and then at around 11am, I got a notice that the package could not be delivered because I didn't give the delivery company my "gate code." I don't have a gate code. My fence is such a piece of garbage I barely have a gate. I checked on the website and the package failure was listed as happening in a completely different city, so I contacted Amazon to ask what was up and got this poor dude:

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Give it up for Purval, not taking shit from anyone.

5 February

I ate way too much over the weekend, as I usually do, gained a few pounds, but not so much that it wasn't gone by early Tuesday. This week look to be worse, but I actually didn't binge as much, so I'm hoping it's just hormones. That's the best and worst part of being a woman: blame everything on hormones, but also legitimately have to deal with hormones. Ugh.

 6 February

Celebrate good times, COME ON! I don't actually know the lyrics to that song, but I celebrated by making tofu FROM SCRATCH! If you follow me on instagram you can see a few Stories about the process in my Vegan FTW highlights.

7 February

The tofu came out a little soft, and the raw flavor is not quite what I'd like it to be, but cooked it's delicious. And I made TOFU FROM SCRATCH!

8 February

Ohhh man. That night was so bad for this poor old man we had staying at the hotel and he was SO nice throughout the whole ordeal. I gave him a discount on his room but I wish I could have done more.  Most hotel guests I deal with are jackasses who lost their minds over us being out of Q-Tips, but this guy was chill through the whole night of crap going wrong and it was such a great relief!

9 February

I almost never make money off my writing, but when I do it gets paid to me via Paypal and I usually just leave the money there because it's NEVER more than $10 and not worth the hassle of transferring. This time it was a whopping $8 from Evernight (Thanks to anyone who bought my books! 💕) and so when Netflix took my payment out, it ate up that money before hitting my account! (Netflix's billing is busted and thinks all of my credit and debit cards are fake so I have to use Paypal 🙄)

10 February

I thought I needed new socks (turns out I just couldn't find a whole bunch of ones I later found) so I ordered this design in a bunch of colors off Amazon and they're SO CUTE!