January Rundown

In an effort to keep myself accountable this year and make sure I accomplish my goals, I've created several spreadsheets to track things day by day. I LOVE spreadsheets and take any excuse to make and use them. The one I used for January tracked my wake up weight, my post fasting or (in the case of days I didn't fast) midday weight, my mood, my allergies, my writing, and my German practice. From there, I made some spreadsheet charts from that info to see how I've been doing and so I could better visualize how well I've been doing on certain things.

I've made updated to my February chart to track my asthma issues, my sleep, and mid-January I started noting down the hours I fasted rather than just noting whether or not I've fasted. I want to see if it has an effect on weight or mood or sleep or anything else. Generally, I've been pretty happy since I started fasting in November, but that doesn't mean learning more will hurt.

Onto the spreadsheets!

Writing I did this month; not as often as I meant to!

Weight tracking; the downward trend is promising!

The calories I ate were WAY crazy this month, so I'm going to try to stick closer to my limit in Feb.

I started January at 157lbs and ended the month at 153lbs; it's only a 4lb loss, so it would be nice to boost or even double that if I can. I took progress pictures and that 4lbs is actually noticeable, which surprises me and makes me feel like I'm doing something good for my body. I've heard long fasts activate autophagy, which helps eat away at excess fat and... skin or something in the body? It seems like it's working for me, even though I don't claim to understand the science behind any of it. I just know that 10lbs ago looked no different from 5lbs ago, though 5lbs ago looks noticeably different from now.

Otherwise, I've been keeping up with my (almost) daily gratitudes, and choosing quotes I like from each writing session--even if I don't think what I wrote that day was great--just to make myself feel good. I'll leave you with one that makes me laugh because Finn is great.