February Rundown

Wellll I don't feel like February was as successful as January, which is weird because I tried much harder at the beginning to stick to my calorie limit and my fasting commitment. The only thing I can figure is that it wasn't as successful because I ate a LOT of sugar during February. I stopped in at my friends' ice cream shop a lot, ate candy a lot as a treat, and drank a lot more Coke than in January.

Soooo, my plan for March is go go sugar-free for the month. I'm hoping this helps both boost my weight loss before my birthday month, but also helps with my rolly mid-section that seems to have gotten even more puffed up this month than last. Ugghhh. Bodies are the worst.

I added some new things to track for February, including my allergies, my asthma, and my body image, which only seems to be good after a weight drop, hmm.

Just like last month, my calories fluctuated a lot, though I'd like to think I did better at sticking to or below my calorie limit. I always go bonkers on the weekends, though, and I don't know if that's ever gonna change.

I learned some stuff at the end of January about how important sleep is, so I was trying to make sure to get at least 7 hours more often. I knew before that sleep is important, but something about learning details about WHY really make me think I should be better about getting enough. I managed for at least half the month, so hopefully I can get even better through March.

I'm not sure why the overall trend of my weight is it going up, when I lost weight overall, but oh well. If I count my weight from when I woke up January 31st to when I weighed myself after work February 28th, I lost 3lbs, which is a pound less than I wanted to lose, BUT since February was a few days shorter than January, that could be part of it. Tonight I weight in at 148.5, so if I was considering weight across 30 day cycles, I've lost 4lbs in both so far. Ah well. It won't matter once I'm down to my goal weight.

Writing was disappointing, and I meant to write a lot more, but it just didn't happen. I was more tired through February (maybe all the sugar is to blame!) and just blocked on how to finish Knell. I'm AT the big climactic scene of the book, though, so once I write that, I've just got the wrap-up to finish! Then I'll give myself a week to simmer and start editing. Hooray!

My goals for March are to stick to sugar-free, to sleep at least 7 hours more consistently, to finish writing and submit Knell, and to stick to my calorie limit more consistently Sunday-Thursdays.