2019: Year of the Cactus Cat

It's 2019! I didn't accomplish much of what I wanted in 2018, I barely made any money off my writing, I didn't lose any weight, and we're super in debt. Let's do this!

Every year, my friends and I choose a mythical beast as a sort of mascot for the year to come and this year I've chosen the Cactus Cat. It's a little known cryptid from the American southwest and is possibly even total BS made up only recently by cowboys for fun, but who cares? I like the general sentiment of the cactus cat and hope that my 2019 goes along its spirit.

[x] Catcus by Cryptid-Creations on DeviantArt/Piper Thibodeau

The cactus cat is apparently a cat-shaped beast made out of cactus that rolls up to cacti in the morning, slashes them open with its dangerous tail, and then waits for the night to hit. It drinks the fermented cactus water, gets blitzed, and parties. It doesn't really cause trouble, as long as you don't piss it off and as long as you stay out of its territory, but it WILL beat you up if you displease it. Cactus cats also apparently mate for life and are fiercely protective of their mates.

Debauchery, monogamy, and taking no shit? Sign me up!

2018 was probably my happiest year in awhile, despite the fact that I feel like I failed at the things I really wanted to accomplish. I stuck to the habit of documenting my gratitudes almost every day, and this year I'm going to stick to something similar, but less specific. Instead of thinking of something I'm grateful for, I'm just going to document something that brought me joy each day. Even if it's a tiny moment in which I felt happy, despite the rest of the day's moments being shit, I'm going to try to keep track and hold onto those to look back on.

In that vein, I feel like I should make myself feel better about my 2018 by documenting things I did accomplish.

Written [shorts]:
  • The Godfather's Naughty Daughter [Out now!]
  • Passage Through Moonlight [Out now!]
  • Suckered In [Out now!]
  • Song of the Argyle Goddess [Out 2019]
Written [novels]:
Edited [Novels]:

  • Lost 14lbs/Gained 7lbs
  • Starting weight: 157
  • Ending weight: 150
  • 330/365
Other Countries Visited:
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Czech Republic
  • Canada

In less definable accomplishments, Cody and I are doing really well, Ghost the feral stray trusts us enough to basically live in our garage, we rescued a betta fish named Crocodile, and we survived the loss of a second pet, Lump.

2019 Goals

  • Write three (or more!) undefined romance collaborations with Amber Morgan
  • Rewrite Change of Heart (Empathy in the PPNW #5)
  • Write Seize Heat (Combustion Chronicles #3)
  • Finish writing Fight Briar with Fire

  • Song of the Argyle Goddess
  • Three (or more!) Morgan collab romances
  • Change of Heart
  • Take Fire (Combustion Chronicles #1)

  • Entice the other feral who visits our yard, Triscuits, to love us as much as Ghost does
  • Give Crocodile his best life (We're still learning how to properly care for a betta)
  • MAYBE bring Ghost to live in the house

  • Get down to 138lbs [April]
  • Get down to 126lbs [July]
  • Get down to 115lbs [October]

  • Get out of debt!
  • Save to travel
  • Save up a rainy-day fund

  • Visit Disneyland!
  • Visit Austria for Christmas
  • Visit at least one more place I've never been

Otherwise, I hope to just keep up learning German, tracking my life, tracking things that make me happy, and enjoy life. I want to party/hang with friends more, stay close to Cody, continue to spoil our cats, and generally be a happier person.

Happy year of the cactus cat, friends!


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