January Author Challenge!

In an effort to post more about my writing to social media, I've created an author challenge for January. Feel free to do all, some, or just one of the suggestions in any order you want, but be sure to tag it #Januaryauthorchallenge--and to have fun!

Each item can be interpreted however you want, but be sure to be talking about your own writing (unless otherwise stated). Use this as an excuse to let your followers know about your work and you as a writer. You can also post any picture you want (who wouldn't appreciate a picture of your pet?) with a quote or answer underneath it. However you want to do it, it's all good.

For image and post creation, I suggest signing up for Adobe Spark, a free graphic-creation tool that lets you mix it up with text and backgrounds from free sites. Or, to search free images that you're allowed to repost to your instagram without credit (because stealing is crap; don't do it to photographers just because you don't want to take the time to search for credit. You wouldn't want people sharing your writing without attribution would you?) use Unsplash.com or Pexels.com.

If you want to encourage others to join in, send them to this post via: bit.ly/JanAuth2020 and/or you can save and repost the following image.

That's it! Please join me and have fun!

1. Favorite of your covers
2. Intro for your favorite villain
3. Line representing your current MC
4. Show off what you’re currently reading
5. Shameful Sunday: Give us a line you can’t believe you wrote
6. Picture of your writing assistant
7. Your best cliffhanger line (no context!)
8. Favorite writing beverage/treat
9. Intro for your favorite MC
10. Line from a WIP you’d like to resurrect
11. Most helpful piece of writing advice
12. Shameful Sunday: Weirdest writing-related search (no context!)
13. Picture/description of your ideal writing spot
14. Your writing shortcoming
15. Favorite time/place to write
16. Intro for your favorite love interest
17. Quote from/about your fave MC
18. Genre you’d love to write
19. Shameful Sunday: Funniest typo
20. Picture of your real desk/workspace
21. List the projects you’re juggling
22. Favorite fellow author (pals only!)
23. Intro to your favorite of your books
24. Line from a story you can’t stop fighting with
25. Quote about writing that you really relate to
26. Shameful Sunday: Book you don’t want your parents to read
27. Lyric that describes one of your characters
28. The second line of the last WIP you opened
29. Favorite of your couples
30. A story you don’t dare write
31. If you had to kill one of your characters in a really silly but appropriate way, who would it be and how would it happen?


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