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A food I like

Since going vegan- well, really, since going vegetarian in 2008, I've wanted to find a good chili. As a kid, I loved Dennison's chili, but that's got beef in it so it's definitely a no-go. The closest veg chili I could find was made by Nalley's, but I recently discovered that despite the label, it's not vegetarian!


I know, I was pretty angry, too. I've been eating it for a year or two, and somehow I managed to miss that the label says it has beef flavor in it. BEEF is not vegetarian, Nalley's! Shame on you. And shame on me for not noticing that; because of my allergy to the most common preservative out there, I usually read labels more carefully than anyone. I'm pretty ashamed that I missed such an obvious breech of my ethics!

I've tried a few other chilis, but the one I've found that I like the best is Amy's Kitchen Southwestern Black Bean Chili. It has a mild, smoky flavor and the black beans make it delicious. Other chilis have…

A long line

I can't really say how many blogs I've had over the years. I've started public ones, private ones, specific and general. This blog may not last, but hopefully it will be enjoyable while it's around.

In case you're curious about who I am, I'll lay it out. I'm thirty, married, newly vegan, and generally lazy. I like ridiculous action movies, french fries, and blaming my cats for things that couldn't possibly be their fault. I'm a picky eater with weird allergies and a sensory perception disorder that I try to ignore. I'm also a synaesthete, though I don't talk about it much because it just confuses people. I despise my job but it pays the rent and gives me a few hours of downtime that I can use to be a hermit.

I think of myself as a grumpy old man at heart and I think this is probably why I have so few friends. Animal rights is about all I get passionate about, other than having to deal with the overall stupidity of humans. I like to swear.