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Fantasy Halloween Bash: Part 1 - Decorations

I really love Halloween and will one day host a great party where people can show up in costume and we eat spooky food and have Monster Mash (the one by Bobby "Boris" Pickett! No substitutions!) playing in the background. Probably not on a loop, but people don't notice music at parties if it's not really loud, so maybe!

I've got a Pinterest board full of spooky pictures and ideas and I've curated (that's fancy for "grabbed some and slapped them here) some pins that I think would make for a great party. This week will be party post week, woo!

Before people even come into the house, they should be thinking HALLOWEEN PARTY! Since mind control hasn't been invented yet (that we know of!) we've got to get the idea into their heads in a less invasive manner. Making the outside of your house look festive is a must.

Ring your window with orange mini-lights and cut out or buy some silhouettes to put up against the backdrop of curtains or bli…

Out Halloween! The Godfather's Naughty Daughter

Get ready to get your socks knocked off come Halloween: The Godfather’s Naughty Daughter, another collab with Amber Morgan, is ready for pre-order!

A mob princess on the run must confront her father’s enemies…and her own desires.

Rosalind grew up in the mob, a willful girl who knows her way around dangerous men. When the time comes to leave the family, to strike out on her own, she knows it's for the best that she leave that life behind. Too bad her father's enemies have different plans.

Cyrus is a wicked man with an eye on ruling the city, and no qualms about shamelessly using others in his quest for power. Andre is a dirty cop with a heart of gold who's sick of seeing his city kicked around by the mafia. In Rosalind, both men see a way to take down the most corrupt gangster around—Rosalind's father, the great Don Savino.

Trapped between two magnetic men, Rosalind must figure out how to balance her new life and her old, deciding at great threat to her own well-being how …

Coming Soon: Hollow Back Girl

Hollow Back Girl
Gwen’s back home for the worst birthday of her life.

Yes, it’s nice to see her family, great to get presents, and exciting to find that her uncomplicated, unlabeled friend with benefits just so happens to be in the area. But her mother loves feeding her vegetables, Gwen can’t go two minutes without fighting with her father, and her bed buddy is also a mercenary in town on some dangerous business.

Not only has something in the forest has been kidnapping hikers, but there’s a weird flu going around that seems suspiciously resistant to hot tea and cold medicine. Shops are closing, streets are emptying, and Gwen’s on the case, whether she likes it or not.

What was supposed to be a relaxing vacation has turned into a nightmare of midnight treks through the woods, grumpy sasquatches, and a rival mercenary who may be more trouble than whatever has it out for the townsfolk.

At least there’s cake.

Out September 14th! Watch for buy links for Kindle and Paperback.

Out Tomorrow: Knell, the final story in Finn and Veruca's trilogy

It starts with a trail of bodies, and things get so much worse. 

The Prince of Hell's come with an assignment, asking Veruca to help him track down and protect a banshee from the queen of all Fairy. She's the best suited for the task, both because she's a badass Reaper with friends in low places, and because of her deep connection to a certain special necromancer. Knowing Belial wouldn't give her an impossible task, she agrees. 

One by one, things go sideways, putting those she loves in grave peril, stripping away her support structures, and leaving her out in the cold. 

Cruelly separated from Belial by powerful Fairies, the danger of the hunt, and a newfound knowledge that threatens her very sanity, Veruca must rely on only her wits and her friends to survive. In the end, it all comes down to hard choices she never thought she'd have to make—and asking herself if loving Finn is really worth the world itself. 

Out August 2nd! Buy on Amazon | Evernight.

RIP Lump

Another sad day.

Just about two weeks ago, we found out that Lump, everyone's favorite hobo throw rug, had nodules in his lungs. He'd already been eating less and less and acting like he was in a bit of pain, so I had a feeling that this was the end, that the cancer that had gotten his sister had caught up with him. We did what we could, medicating him, spoiling him, spending all the money we could throw at the problem trying to help and hoping the nodules were only pneumonia, but they weren't. After a week, when he'd stopped eating altogether, we knew he was ready to say goodbye.

Somehow it was harder to lose him than it was to lose Snap, I think because losing him was like losing her all over again. He was sort of the last tangible bit of her we had, so now that he's gone, we have to really admit she is too. Plus, I adopted him, Snap, and Martin all together 16 years ago, and it's a hard reminder that Martin, as the oldest of the three, is likely nearing the…

Coming Soon... Passage Through Moonlight

Fun news! Amber Morgan and I have cowritten a wild romp through werewolf romance with THREE love stories in one amazing package!
Three very different women, bound together by pack, pulled apart by circumstance.

Saboteur of Silver
Alpha wolf of Ascending Moon, Cara has led her pack of werewolf women with a firm hand for her entire adult life, thinking of little else. When a hunter dares cross into her territory, dares to threaten her family, she can think of no better way to spend her evening than putting him six feet under. That is, until he gets his hands on her.

A Dangerous Unmaking
As the Beta wolf of Ascending Moon, Ruri knows it's her duty to support and protect the Alpha at all costs. But must a Beta support an Alpha who's putting the pack at risk by sleeping with the enemy? Ruri's made sacrifices in the name of loyalty before, and nothing can sway her from her dedication to her sisters. Or at least, that's what she'd always believed before laying eyes on a b…

March Rundown

March was a bust! Blurgh. I failed in everything except getting enough sleep, which was mostly because I was too tired to do much else. I had to be at work almost every day, which made my asthma and allergies really bad, which knocked me out. I'm not sure if my weight stagnation was due to stress or just laziness or what, but I wasn't having ANY weight loss for awhile so I basically gave up. I'm pretty unhappy with myself.

As of today, April 2, I weight 156, which is 7lbs heavier than I weight at the start of March, which makes me feel really shitty. I'm having a pretty hard time with my stupid failure to keep myself in check, honestly. I'd been doing pretty well in January, and even mostly in February, and then I just shot myself in the foot.

It's harder still because I'm spending a full two weeks in Europe for my birthday later this month, and I know I'll come out of that trip heavier just because there's so much good food I want to try all over …

February Rundown

Wellll I don't feel like February was as successful as January, which is weird because I tried much harder at the beginning to stick to my calorie limit and my fasting commitment. The only thing I can figure is that it wasn't as successful because I ate a LOT of sugar during February. I stopped in at my friends' ice cream shop a lot, ate candy a lot as a treat, and drank a lot more Coke than in January.

Soooo, my plan for March is go go sugar-free for the month. I'm hoping this helps both boost my weight loss before my birthday month, but also helps with my rolly mid-section that seems to have gotten even more puffed up this month than last. Ugghhh. Bodies are the worst.

I added some new things to track for February, including my allergies, my asthma, and my body image, which only seems to be good after a weight drop, hmm.

Just like last month, my calories fluctuated a lot, though I'd like to think I did better at sticking to or below my calorie limit. I always go…