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Writing survey

Snaked from Cherith on Tumblr. A: What do you write?  Fanfiction, original fiction, nonfiction, articles, songs, poems, essays, plays, what? —I write almost exclusively original fiction. I used to be into fanfic years and YEARS ago, but I’ve mostly grown out of it. I don’t consume too much, anymore, that I feel the need to improve upon, explore, or change. Or, the stuff that I do think could be done better/differently, I don’t care about it enough to spend time on it. I enjoy my own characters more than writing other people’s creations. I dabble in fanfic every few years, but it’s REALLY rare. Like, maybe once in the last five years rare.
B: How often do you write? —Every day when I’m on a streak. The last six months, or so, I’ve gone on two or three week streaks of writing every single day. Then, I take a break because I need to rest my brain before starting another book. C: Who is your favorite character of your own?  Who is your favorite character created by somebody else?  Why? I thi…

I love to write

I hope all writers feel the same way I do, but sometimes I read blog posts to the contrary. Sometimes writers seem to despise the actual act of sitting down and creating, though many of them love to have written. That's a thing, right? A saying? "I hate to write, but I love having written."

Sometimes I feel that way. Sometimes I have so much crammed in my mind I wish I could just snag a crowbar, pry open my head and dump the contents out onto the page. Most of the time, though, I love the act of sitting and actually writing out what I've got in my brain. I like reading what I wrote, too, and being surprised at phrases I came up with or jokes I made.

I'm one of those fugue state authors, who sort of leaves reality while writing. I'll come away from a day's work with a vague idea of what I wrote, but often I'm surprised when I see what I actually came up with.

I've been writing a lot, lately. I knocked out ten thousand words over the weekend on two …