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Rejection level 2

Last week I decided to rewrite my query letter. I was reading it over, about to send it to another agent and I realized it's crap. It makes my book sound like every other book that's already been published in the UF genre, which it's not.

So, I spent the time rewriting, beating myself up because I couldn't string two sentences together and finally came up with something I liked. I had a few writer friends give me a critique, finalized it and sent it off. To my surprise, I got a response from the agent within a day! She wanted to see a partial manuscript!

Exciting! Terrifying!

I spent the rest of the night killing myself trying to find a decent and coherent site about how to format a manuscript. Much like with agent and publishing information, every website has a different idea of what's right. Luckily, I followed a very helpful link on the blog of the agent herself, got everything formatted and sent it off.

I just got the rejection today, which is sad, but I was ex…

Off with her head

I should not be allowed to blog or use social media within a few days of finishing a book. I've heard that having some sort of mild bout of depression after finishing a book is a common phenomena, not just with writers but even with some readers. This is a thing I go through every time I finish, and yet it always shocks me.

I finished writing a book Friday afternoon and, of course, threw myself a little party. (I mean, I really just vexed my cats and ate a vegan hot dog, but that's a party.) Then, I went through and spent time doing some quick edits/proof-reading on the thing so I could send it to a friend of mine who likes to read what I write. I was in such a good mood!

Then Sunday hit and I crumbled. Then, Sunday night chugged up on me and I made the mistake of trying to read up on publishing more. Everything got worse! I was not only going into these inconsistent websites in a bad mood, but I was also site-hopping from page to page without really taking time time to absorb…

Publishing is frustrating and terrifying

I want to be published; I think most writers who actually write (there are some who don't, believe it or not) set out to have someone in the publishing world see what they've done and want to put money, time and effort into it. I think that the idea of pouring yourself into a book and then wanting to have it be recognized is pretty common.

That being said, it's very difficult!

I have been reading more on publishing again and it seems to be pretty scary and backward. It seems that no two sites can decide on what's true and what's right. Information is contradictory at best and brain-breaking at worst. I can't seem to figure out what I should be doing or what's right for me. I also find that many agents and publishers seem to want to punish you for being interested in them.

I don't mind the idea of writing a synopsis or writing a query letter. It hasn't been fun, but I understand that it makes more sense for a prospective representative--whether that …