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Big news!

After a year (or so?) of submitting, I finally found a publisher who wants the first book in my planned UF series! No official announcement has been made, but as soon as it's out there in the world, I'll link it here.

Trying to get published is such a difficult, hard, arduous process! I know I've blogged about it before, and I'm sure I'll blog about it again as this isn't the only thing I've written, nor the last thing I'll ever write. But, I'm extremely happy with the pub that I found, and I'm not anticipating feeling any different as time goes on. I did research before submitting, and all my contact with the editor has been fantastic. I'm very excited to start the work of putting out a great first novel!

A few months ago, I got tired of waiting for news on the short story anthology I had been accepted into, so I pulled my story so that I could submit it elsewhere. I ended up just sitting on the story for awhile, but tonight I did a few min…