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Hey, hey. Hey!

The announcements have been made! My book is going to be published Spring 2014! So exciting!

As the post says, this is a "series at the ready," which basically means that I spent last year (and the first part of this one) writing nine of the ten books in the planned series. I haven't started the last book yet because I got the news about Mixed Feelings being published just after I finished writing book nine. Plus, I have only a vague idea of what to do with the last book, since all the major plot points I have running through the series have been wrapped up. Mainly book ten will be a wrap up for the characters so everyone can feel like they really know where Gwen, Mel, Chloe, and all the rest are going from there.

I'm so excited for this series to get out there! I love Gwen, and not just because she's incredibly fun to knock around, beat up, insult, and generally screw with. She's snarky and greedy, but loving and has the best intentions. Chloe is the absolut…