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Tartlet: Like a Fish

“You don’t drink.” Benedict turned his head to see who had spoken and found himself looking into the brown, almond-shaped eyes of one of the most powerful women he’d ever worked with. “Abigail,” he said, looking her up and down. It was freezing outside but she was in ripped jeans and a t-shirt that looked like she’d stolen it off the corpse of a has-been rock star in the seventies. “Long time.” She slid onto the stool next to him, her gaze rolling to the bartender as he attended to a gaggle of twenty-somethings in skimpy clothes at the far end of the bar. Realizing she was going to have to wait for the girls to stop giggling and start ordering, she focused on Benedict. “Small world.” Benedict smiled at her response, considered tossing out another cliché, but took a sip of his drink instead. Abi waited until the glass was on its way back toward the bar before snatching it out of his hand. She took a small sip and gave a nod. “Thought so,” she said in response to the fact that he’d orde…


I really despise looking for publishers. They all seem to want the same thing, though it's actually different and impossible to describe. "We want something fresh and original!" Well, who doesn't? I don't think many people think their writing is stale and done to death.

I haven't written much this year, at least compared to my record productivity last year. The first half of this year has been mostly taken up with a lot of personal stuff, though I've been writing a lot of shorts. I'm also writing what will most likely turn out to be a novella with a brand new character. I may share a snippet later this week, assuming I can pick something intriguing that can stand on its own.

It's hard to find places that accept novellas, even e-publishers. Or, at least it's hard to find a place that wants a novella that has no romance and falls into Urban Fantasy. Romance seems to be the golden ticket, honestly. In my last few years of searching for places to …

Tartlet: The Second Time Chloe Met Mel

I turned to leave the counter at The Internets--a delightful little café in the building shared by my new job--and found myself face to chest with a werewolf. I lifted my gaze to his handsome face and barked out a laugh. “Wow,” I said, jerking my head to indicate we get out of the way before the others waiting in line barreled through us. A need for coffee this early in the morning could make anyone violent. He turned his smile briefly on the woman behind me and then wrapped his arm across my shoulders and led me away. I chuckled, choosing a seat along the back wall. “This is a surprise. To what do I owe the pleasure, Mel?” “You remember my name? I’m touched.” “As I remember it, we both got touched.” Mel winked down at me, puffing his chest with pride. I patted his hand on my shoulder as we hit the table. “Besides, who could forget your pretty face?” I sat. Mel grinned, sliding into the chair next to mine. “Now, what was your name?” Mel made a show of pretending he couldn’t remember,…