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I love animals, which is why I went vegan in 2012. Initially I went vegetarian in 2008, and pescaterian in... '94? Somewhere around there. I want to meet all the animals, including the scary ones. Maybe not right up close, face to face while I'm wearing honey or something that a grizzly bear would find appealing, but I'd still love to meet every animal possible in some situation that's safe for us both. At a really well-run animal sanctuary for instance.

There's a a "wildlife trek" place out here in WA that my cousin and I visited a few years ago. Overall, the place actually made me sad because many of the habitats were grossly under-sized and looked poorly kept for the animals inside, though the one giant, open area with grazing animals was pretty neat. I got to pet a buffalo! I don't think it knew I was petting it. Us tiny humans were rolling through this massive prairie-type area and the bison were just chilling in the road, being the size of VW bu…


It's been a hard six months or so. I've had some personal stuff going on, my publisher has been making internal changes that were slowing things down a bit, and I've been working my day job to excess. Lately it's not uncommon for me to be at work for 10-12 hours a day.

Money-wise this is a good thing. I've been able to get my eldest cat the dental care he needed, I've been chipping away at my debt, and I've been able to stuff money in savings.

As to the progress on Mixed Feelings, we're chugging away at that. All the major edits have been done, and now the publisher is going through the galley, I guess it's called. Evidently that has nothing to do with making the book walk the plank, it's just something to do with all the smaller edits like typos and such. We're also in the midst of cover design talks, which is pretty cool.

I'm writing yet another series within the same world that Gwen inhabits, which I've dubbed Preternatural PNW. A…