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Lovely things

I don't consider myself terribly girly or feminine, though I'm not particularly masculine. I'm... lazyculine. I don't wear makeup or own a hairdryer or get pedicures. I do own a hair straightener, which was a gift from someone who meant well but didn't realize my hair is ruler straight. I have occasionally used it if my bangs are being difficult, but mostly it sits in a drawer untouched. Tip: if you want your straight hair not to go crazy: keep a spray bottle of white vinegar in the shower and douse your scalp when you put in your conditioner or shampoo. I could never tame my hair before, but since I've been doing that, it's been so much softer and nicer.

I'm just to lazy for all that stuff. The idea of putting on makeup bothers me both because every time I've ever worn it, I've felt the weight of it and it's irritated me to no end, and because it takes time that I'd rather use for sleeping. Basically my life is built around making the m…