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Getting close

Hey blog. It's been awhile. I mean, I've been sporadically elsewhere, but mostly I haven't been doing much creatively. The biggest reason is probably that my dad was in a fatal motorcycle accident in August, and I haven't been doing well emotionally since. I haven't been writing much, though that might be partly because I started Abigail's second book and she's a bitch to write. Literally and metaphorically. She's just kind of an asshole.

She should be nicer to me, though; I've given her a lovely lady love interest this book!

I'm back on anti-depressants as of last week, which has been strange. I haven't needed to take pills to control my depression since high school, but I feel like an emotional wreck the last six or so weeks, so I figured it was time to hit the psychiatrist and see what could be done. I'm still in the adjustment period where the side effects are running rampant. On the plus side, I have almost no appetite, so maybe I&#…