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I've only been a published author for two months, but I've been writing for a long time and have had several talented and creative friends read my work and give me feedback. One friend created the header for my Twitter page.

My other friend wanted to get in on the whole "Princess Mel" hint that the Candy Thief leaves on Gwen's fridge.

I think Mel looks quite lovely, and I'll bet he spent quite awhile on the beading down the center of his bodice.

New Years Eve and a lack of sleep

That's probably a pretty common title up there, but I'm not working on much sleep, so I don't care.

I live in Seattle but I grew up in the Bay Area in a little town you've only heard of mentioned as a throwaway line in movies about the world blowing up or in that one movie with Johnny Depp where he gets shot with radiation and his wife has abandonment issues so she uploads him to a computer and lets him turn himself into a weird T-1001 (kind of liquid metal, but also air metal and people metal. That's the next stage of Terminators, or would have been if John Connor hadn't kicked their asses before they could develop air metal. I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm so sleepy.). This smallish town was close enough to San Francisco that I could have driven out that way to see it, but also close enough that I didn't really care enough to go visit. "Oh, it's right there. I could do any time."

My friend who grew up in a podunk town in…