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Three Questions with Dora and Lily

Since my interview with Martin was such a hit (he had no doubt it would be, and has been lording this over me since it was posted), I've invited a friend and fellow author Leanne to be the go-between for another kitty interview.

Aside from being a fantastic storyteller, Leanne plays second fiddle to two adorable kitties, Dora and Lily. Because both these fuzzy gals have big personalities and high aspirations, I sent over a few hard-hitting questions so we could all really get to know them.

Leanne graciously accepted responsibility for emailing over their answers, as we all know cats should not be allowed near a computer that could potentially be used to order four thousand cans of tuna on your dime.

O.R.B: Dora, it's a well known fact that the earth is threatened by Global Warming. Scientists warn that in the next eighty-five years, global average temperature is expected to warm at least twice as much as it has during the last 100 years. This is a serious issue that I'm su…

Kitty Grams: A crafty shop for the animals

I'm a sucker for cats, obviously, and I like to see anyone else who is also a sucker try to help them out in any way possible. Because I'm an adult, I was looking at all the results that pop up when you type "kitty" into Etsy, recently, and I stumbled on a cute little shop called Lily and Peabody.

From her store:
NEW TO THE SHOP! Now Introducing KITTY GRAMS - 100% Profits to Animals.
************Kitty Gram is a non-profit fundraiser to fulfill a lifelong dream of opening a no kill animal rescue. With your help, we can create a safe and loving environment for at risk animals. Thank you for your generous support. Every Kitty Gram helps.*************How obtainable is this goal of selling Kitty Grams to afford the opportunity to open a no kill animal rescue? With the sale of 6,000 Kitty Grams, we could afford the initial start up costs. That’s right, only 6,000 Kitty Grams can get this animal rescue started and ready to receive occupants. With a number like that- every sin…

Three questions with my cat Martin

I've had my cat Martin for thirteen years. He's orange, he's ornery, he's opinionated. He often disagrees with me when it comes to watching Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen. He usually votes for whomever he thinks would give him the most seafood, whereas I generally go for whichever contestant is the least annoying. He doesn't speak names, but I understand what his irate meows mean. We have a bond.

Martin and I sat down over the water dish and I gave him a forum in which he could talk about various topics he decided in the moment he feels very strongly about.

ORB: Welcome to the kitchen, Martin. It's nice to have you here today. You're looking especially dapper with your freshly washed haunch fur.

Martin: Thank you, I cleaned it myself. Uriko tried to help but I hissed at her and she definitely got the message.

ORB: You've often stated there should be less regulation on the distribution of wet food in the house. What are your thoughts on the effectiveness of …