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Three Questions with Fergus

Part three in my popular interview series is one I've been looking forward to since I decided to interview cats for the blog.

This is Fergus.  Or, as he's affectionately known by me, British Martin. They look pretty similar, though Martin has some more pudge on him and Fergus drools enough for a whole colony of feral cats.

Fergus is all I could want in a cat. He's ginger, he's grumpy, he's grizzled. He lives with a fellow author, Naomi Clark. She wrote one of my favorite books out there, a noir thriller called Undertow. If you like hard-living, hard-swearing protagonists who can't catch a break and have a demon living in their heads, definitely check it out!

I was able to Skype in with Fergus recently and really get to the heart of what makes him tick.

O.R.B: Fergus, there are many issues in the world today that need our attention. From human trafficking to hunger and despair in lower income areas, we're encouraged by the media and society at large to reall…

Tartlet: Slime Heals All Wounds

After weeks of searching for the perfect test subject, I found myself in the most unlikely of places: a college bar. My subject was drunk, exuberant, and beautiful. I knew instantly he was the one I wanted for my research. There’s nothing like a perfect face, and seeing one damaged is one of the universe’s cruel jokes. My goal is to ensure that no attractive person has to live with scars or burns ever again. It didn’t take long to get my beautiful gentleman out of the bar and into my lab. He was intoxicated, open to suggestion, and easy to pull away from his friends. A few rounds of cheap liquor sent their way, and they were none the wiser. ## I had my assistant meet me at the lab and she barely complained about the late hour. She has a mouth on her sometimes but she’s excellent at organizing samples, and she’s only working for me for college credit, so what can you do? “Maria, please, set Subject A up for the first round of treatments. Then, bring me my equipment.” “Right boss,” Maria agr…

Back soon!

My computer bricked itself two weeks ago but I've got AppleCare on it so they didn't charge me anything when I dropped it off to be sent out for repair. I haven't abandoned the blog, I swear!

Kitty Gram: Lucca Plushie

Good news! The Kitty Gram I ordered for my friend from the delightful Lily And Peabody arrived! It's adorable!

After shipping, Lucca here cost $20 and I'd say she's worth every penny. I got Lucca in the "kitten" size, but she's pretty big! She's a great likeness, too.

I've talked about Lily And Peabody before and asked Katharine about her progress toward her goal in opening her own no-kill shelter. She's at 400 of 6,000 and you should definitely head over and help her out. Get a Kitty Gram of your own!

Compassionate Cake: Food art that you can eat!

I love food and I love veganism and I love pretty things, so when I stumbled on Compassionate Cake on Etsy, I was pretty excited. The cookies she makes are beyond impressive and they're entirely vegan! Vegan cookies are super easy to make but that doesn't mean I'm not thrilled and impressed when I find people who make them. Going vegan to help save the planet and the animals is absolutely a noble, impressive life path to take.

If I do say so my vegan self.

Let's look at some amazing cookies, shall we?

Can you even believe these are food? Jessica's skills are top of the mountain good! What mountain? Why is she on a mountain? I don't know, but she's at the top, beating all the other people who are trying to bake cookies. Why are they baking cookies on a mountain? I don't know! Why aren't we looking at pictures of other amazing snacks?!

That's enough pictures, even though I really want to show off every single thing in the shop. Definitely head ove…