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Three Questions With Remic and Ket

I'm nothing if not an animal lover, and a fair one at that. Not wanting to confine my interviews to only one species, I reached out to Naomi Clark once more to see if she could get some answers to my tough questions from her two snakes, Remic and Ket.

O.R.B: I heard you got new digs awhile back, and I must say, I'm quite impressed with your vivarium. It's very nice! 

Rem: I built mine myself!
Ket: He didn't. He just knocked over his water bowl and declared it "interior decorating."
O.R.B: Now, I know you're currently digesting, so I'm sure you'd like to get to it. Let's start with a softball question, shall we? The Large Hadron Collider was unveiled in 2008, and has since faced much controversy. Some believe it is dangerous, positing that scientists could inevitably create one or more black holes that may swallow us all. Experts deem this impossible, but that doesn't stop people from being concerned. Where do you stand on the production of GMO…


I love spring, especially in the PNW. Some years spring is nothing but lots of rain and temperatures very slowly warming up, but this year it's shaping up pretty well. We're getting lots of warm days, more sun than usual, and the rain we are getting isn't too heavy.

I like pretty things and rain and, at least since moving to the PNW, the sunshine. I grew up in CA and I really didn't like the sun because it was always out and during the summer it was a sweaty, unpleasant burden. Now that I don't get to see the sun as much as I used to, I've become quite fond of it.

The sunshine helps flowers grow and there isn't much that's prettier than flowers, am I right? This time of year I want to surround myself with little things that embody spring.

[Seattle, WA image by Francesca Russell on Flickr]

Forget-me-not flower necklace by Viviannaschmuck and  Botanical Pressed Flower ring by SpottedDogAsheville You can't go wrong with flowers to invoke the feeling of s…

Three Questions With Maxwell

It's time for what all of you have been waiting for: a new, in depth cat interview! Today's furry interviewee lives with a friend. He's an entrepreneur named Maxwell and we got together recently to discuss his goals, hobbies, likes, and dislikes.

Maxwell is an attractive fellow who keeps himself in shape with a daily regimen of jumping on and then quickly off counters, running at top speeds as he chases his feline roommates, and by wrestling his brother Reuben (no relation).

He's particularly proud of his excessive fluff and would only agree to this interview if I promised to let his fans to know that he is closely related to Keyboard cat, Socks Clinton, and NyanCat. He explained at length that he has done an exhaustive investigation of his genealogy and there is no need for anyone else to check into these claims as he is, "one-twenty tercent [sic] sure these facts are real and true facts that have been collaborated by the best minds in research of facts."


Tartlet: The Serial Sporker

When I was a freshman in high school I entered a writing contest that, as far as I remember, was open to all the schools in the area. To my surprise, I won first place and the princely sum of $75. I still remember sitting at the assembly in which they announced the winner. They'd told me I'd won something, so I was expecting to hear my name as they ran up the list from "honorable mentions" to first place, but I hadn't actually expected to win the top prize. I can't still feel how wide my eyes were when they passed third place, and then second, and I still hadn't been mentioned.

I've saved the story exactly as it was when I submitted it, though I've updated the formatting so it's not just a block of text without indents or proper hyphens. I still think it's a pretty silly story, though I guess my sense of humor has always leaned toward the absurd, and you can see that pretty clearly.

Remember, I wrote this nearly 20 years ago, now.

The Seria…