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Three Questions with Wheatley

Have you ever had a dumb boss? Someone so dimwitted and clueless that you can't understand how they got to their position in the company? I think everyone has, except for maybe Wheatley.
Wheatley's been part of my family since 2012, when we adopted him on a whim because we'd just moved from an apartment to a house and having more space meant, of course, that I could have more cats. He was a pretty cute little doofus, and has grown into a pretty cute giant doofus.

He's a monster. He's massive. I'm not sure cats are supposed to get this big. Maybe he's part elephant. The interspecies breeding might explain his cognitive abilities, actually. I've lived with him three years and I still don't know if he's a genius or an idiot.

What I do know, however, is that he looks dapper in a bowtie and that he likes to stare at me as if I'm an employee working under him who's not performing up to standards. Sometimes I wake up and he's sitting on the…

101 blog topic ideas

Don't forget! There's still plenty of time to enter my giveaway over at Goodreads!

I'm never sure what to blog about; my daily life is pretty dull, and I don't do much more than sleep, work, watch TV, and occasionally go for walks or bike rides. Other than getting bitched at an alarming number of times on my walks (it's always out of nowhere and from a complete stranger, even), nothing much happens.

So what's a girl who wants to keep an active blog supposed to do? Google "blog topic ideas," naturally. I came across several lists, and some of them just make me laugh. I can't imagine writing an entire blog on some of these ideas; a few snappy one-liners I can do, though.

I feel like self-hypnosis is a really bad idea. Not only would you not be able to pull yourself out of the hypnotized state, you may find that you have a secret Mr. Hyde side that really wants to mess with you. Then, even if you can come out of being hy…

Sweet snacks and a giveaway

I like sugar and candy more than I really should, though not as much as Gwen. Gwen is the queen of liking sugar, or she would be if she existed outside the pages of Mixed Feelings. For me, my eyes tend to be bigger than my stomach when it comes to eating cakes, candy, ice cream, or sweets in general.

Even though I don't make many sweets because I'm trying to lose that last 50lbs, I still collect recipes on Pinterest like it's my job. (That would be a pretty sweet gig, actually.) In honor of giving away a copy of Mixed Feelings (and some other goodies!) I'm running down some of my favorite sweets recipes.

5. Easy Cinnamon Rolls - Minimalist Baker
Cinnamon rolls are an indulgence I generally avoid because they're one of those things that I will eat to excess without realizing it. Fresh out of the oven, they are to die for! My favorite easy way to eat them is to visit Cinnaholic in Berkeley, CA. Unfortunately, I don't live near there anymore, so I have to settle …

A spootle of Ruperts

I've always been fascinated by the names of groups of animals. (Think a murder of crows, or a pack of coyotes.) My sister and I used to come up with names for groups of people or pets just for fun. For instance, my brother's name is Robert so we decided that if there were a bunch of Roberts in a room (which often happened at family gatherings), they would make up a squattle of Roberts. I don't know why we came up with 'squattle' but it really seemed to fit at the time.

I've recently discovered the wildly popular and fascinating Good Job, Brain podcast. I've listened to only a small portion of the available episodes, so far, but I've learned some pretty awesome stuff. Most episodes focus on one specific subject and the hosts teach and quiz each other while the audience gets to listen and play along. They've had a few episodes about animals wherein they talked about what groups of animals are called, even going so far as point out that should you ever…