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Podcast discoveries

I'm always on the lookout for more podcasts. I used to fill my ears mainly with just music when I went about my daily tasks, but since discovering Good Job, Brain my preferences have changed. I've taken suggestions from friends, googled for inspiration, and slogged through iTunes looking for audio that I think would entertain and maybe teach me something like GJB does so well.

Usually, though, I just end up picking up podcasts that I hear about from other podcasts. The two I've discovered recently are likely in that camp, though I can't actually place where I heard about either one.

Women At Warp

The first I've come to like is Women At Warp. Initially I was drawn to the episode they put out about Captain Janeway, my favorite captain, but the other episode titles caught my eye too. I like Trek more than any other big franchise out there, and don't think it gets nearly enough love from the nerd community. I feel like most of what you see out there is Dr Who and St…

Three Questions with Snapshot

I have a lot of cats, okay? I was only going to get one, but Lump's sister Snapshot needed a home and then I accidentally adopted Martin for my sister, who never took him like she said she would. So, that's three. Then came Link and Sakura (R.I.P. little FeLV+ kitties), and finally Uriko and Wheatley, and now I'm a single woman in her thirties living with five cats who vomit everywhere.

Just everywhere.

Snap's lovely and delicate and small. If you get her wet, you see that her bulk is almost entirely fur and she is, in reality, roughly the size of a ferret. Despite that, she's a murder machine. No squeaky toy is safe, no scratching post goes un-shredded, and no Lump goes un-beaten-up. She's thirteen and still has the energy and jump ability of a much younger cat. I'm not even sure she jumps, actually. She may just intimidate gravity into not applying to her for a few seconds.

I caught up with her one day while she was napping and she agreed to answer a few…

Noodle Cups!

I really like ramen and instant soups but a whole lot of them have chicken broth powder or something else that's not vegan. When I came across this recipe on Pinterest, I felt pretty dumb. Why hadn't I ever thought to make my own ramen?! It's so simple! Broth + Noodles + whatever kind of veggies and/or tofu you want. I did a very brief and lazy search on the shelves of Whole Foods and found GreeNoodles.

I then promptly forgot I had bought them and it's been a few weeks since the idea to make my own ramen occurred to me. Tonight, however, I was looking for lunch for work and found my packet of noodles in the cupboard. I grabbed a vegan "chicken" bouillon cube, tossed it in a little plastic tub with some garlic powder, and dried chives and brought it to work.
I didn't even have to cook it, really. I just put it all into a bowl with scalding hot water, let it sit until the noodles were tender and chowed down. Next time I'm going to do myself a little fav…

Three Questions with Lump

Lump is somehow the most annoying cat who does nothing but sleep. I mean, technically he does other things, but they're few and far between. Lump was a senior cat even as a kitten.

The first time I met Lump he was a baby, just a few weeks old, and splayed out on his back on the floor snoozing. His sister, Snapshot, was terrorizing him and their other brother Bob. Lump would periodically wake up when she pounced him, flail a bit until she gave up, and then go back to sleep. Due to his lack of personality, no one wanted Lump, so I took him in.

He hasn't changed much in thirteen years. He still sleeps more than any other creature, still isn't terribly bright, and still can't fight. He also still pees on rugs when he's too lazy to make it to the litter box. We're working on it, but it's been over a decade and I don't think he's going to learn.

I managed to prop him up long enough to interview him, but it was dicey for awhile. He nodded off at least twi…