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Autumn time + History Chicks

I love autumn! I love winter, spring, and even summer (which I never thought I'd say), but it's officially autumn, now, so that's what I'm on about.

I don't go as overboard with autumn decorations as I do with Christmas, but that's only because I've been able to find more winter decorations on super cheap sale than autumn decorations. I tend to be broke this time of year, which is tragic because there are so many great accessories to snatch up.

Adjustable Oak Leaf Wrap Ring (Gold or Silver) by CoutuKitsch
What better way to show off your autumn spirit than wearing leaves on your fingers? These rings look delicate and elegant and, while I usually prefer silver for jewelry, I think gold would be more in the spirit of the season.

Fall Flower Circlet by thehoneycomb
This is another one of those items that I think would be too fancy for me to own because I would feel that anything I do during a normal day--shop for groceries, take a walk, scoop the litter box, yo…

Three Questions With Crackers

This is Crackers. Or Holly. Or Popcorn. She also answers to Jethro and I like to call her Cocoa Nibs. She'll answer to pretty much anything because she's pretty derpy.

Crackers started out as my roommate's ex-roommate's cat, but the ex couldn't take care of her for awhile, so Crackers moved in with my roommate and eventually with me. She's a little bipolar and takes awhile to figure things out. She has freakishly little feet, even considering her small size, and she fancies herself a parkour champion.
Really, she just likes to run around a lot and occasionally just topple of the side off the cat tree for no apparent reason.
I sat down with Crackers in the living room and got her to agree to do an interview by poking her in the shoulder until she realized I was there and that it was rude to keep staring blankly at the wall.
O.R.B: Good morning, Cocoa Nibs. I take it you're feeling saucy today.
Crackers: CRACKERS.
O.R.B: Yes, that is also your name. Now, shall …

Bow Ties and Crimes

I've been pretty sick the last week. I don't get sick easily or often but this time kicked my ass. I blame PAX. Normally that's not really my scene, since I'm awful at video games. I like watching other people play story-type games or Survival Horror games (Resident Evil yaaaaasss) but if it's more complicated than Plants Vs. Zombies I'm just going to die a whole lot. My friend was going and didn't want to go alone, however, so he bought me a last-minute ticket on Craigslist and off we went!

Since I can't go out much and I've had a headache for about five days straight, I decided to kill time making my cats some bow ties! Wheatley's had a bow tie forever, but it's been falling apart. They sell for about $5-$15 on Etsy, but very few seem to be as tiny as I want them to be, so I grabbed some scraps of fabric and a need and thread and made my cats and my housemate's cats more dapper.


Another way I've been passing the time the la…