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Broken Record

Yep, it's another podcast post! Both of these are part of the same podcast family as the previously pimped 99% Invisible, so you know they're good.

Firstly is the endearing, touching, funny, interesting and amazing Memory Palace:

The host, Nate DiMeo, does an amazing job of capturing these little stories from history you've probably never heard and giving them heart and giving the people in those stories a voice. They're not large, sprawling involved stories that you might see made into a long documentary on Netflix or The History Channel. They're little peeks into the lives of people who did something interesting rather than something epic.

I don't think of myself as something who likes "people" stories. I get bored by movies of people just living their lives or "growing up" or discovering themselves, crap like that. I am not much of a people person, but The Memory Palace makes me feel for people I'd never heard of and will probably nev…

Are you suggesting...

I really like Supernatural, even now that it's exhausted nearly all the possible ways of making the Winchesters seem threatened and heroic. They've killed Death, for god's sake, where else can they go? They have to keep coming up with ways to hamper Castiel because him being an angel is pretty much a "win" button for a lot of things, the boys have both died so many times neither one of them (nor the audience) really worry about it anymore, and I'm okay with that. It's a dumb, fun show about dumb brothers making dumb decisions for dumb reasons.

Evidently, The X-Files was made by almost all the same people. I didn't know this going into watching it on Netflix, but now that I'm aware, I can see the similarities. Not just in the blatant X-Files guest stars, but in the monsters of the week, the lore behind things, and in the humor. That being said, I'm not digging The X-Files as much as I do SPN.

There was a sweet spot probably around season 4 or 5…