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My dad died about 18 months ago, very suddenly, which was pretty crappy. While he and I weren't as close as we could have been, it was still pretty sucky to lose him in a motorcycle out of nowhere. Because of that, though, my siblings and I recently got some money from his estate, and so I've been able to get some fixes done that my house desperately needed. I got the foundation fixed, and got a tree chopped down that was doing nothing but dumping crap all over my roof and ruining said roof.
Now that the tree is gone, I have a buttload of extra wood sitting around that I'm going to have to find a place for. My mother suggested using it as sort of a short "fence" through my front yard, which I think would be a lot of work, but look pretty neat.

Back in January, we started the renovation of my house by redoing my ugly bathroom. My stepdad grew up doing home remodeling, so he's been doing the actual work, saving me the money I would otherwise have to spend on la…

Life plans

I'm cooking stuff up! Let's start with literal cooking.

Earlier this week, I wanted to make something new, so I looked over my Pinterest board of meals and picked out a tofu stir fry that ended up being sooo tasty. I threw in some edamame and messed up the order in which I was supposed to cook everything, but it was still restaurant-levels of delicious. Who knew adding corn starch to tofu would make it five times better?

In house news, I finally got the junk out of my garage! That's not a euphemism, I really did have a lot of junk in the garage. We redid my bathroom in January and all the broken parts of the old bathroom were just piled up in the garage, getting covered in more garbage as time went on and I found more crap around the house I decided I didn't want. It felt pretty great to have two guys from Dump-It (or some company that's equally as obviously named) show up, shove everything into the back of a truck, and then charge me $150 to haul it all away. My g…