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Remodel 2: The Remodelling

Before I get to pictures of my kitchen going through puberty, I need to tell you about how I have another Veruca and Finn story out! I have a specific naming convention for the books, and THROB fit right in. It does away with pretense (the story is half sex, after all) and makes me laugh. It's eye-catching too, don't you think?

Throb is a FREE READ over at Evernight (or wherever you like to get your books), and it catches up with Finn and Veruca on Valentine's Day for a little slice of life nugget. It's funny and sweet and hopefully will entice people who are just not sure about spending $6 on a book to give Rattle a try once they finish Throb.

Speaking of which, if $6 is too rich for you, but you want to read Rattle, it's on sale at Evernight right now for half off! Seriously! You should check it out if you like fun reads.

Now onto the dirty stuff! Dusty stuff, sorry. There's been a lot of dust at home, lately.

My house was built in the early 60s, which means i…