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Free Short Story!

FREE! I bet you love that word, don't you? Unless maybe it follows the words, "the man-eating shark has learned to walk on land without suffocating, has escaped its cage conveniently located next to your back door with the broken lock, and is now."

But this is better than an oxygenated hammerhead with really buff legs who hasn't eaten in a few weeks, I promise. This is a free short story starring GWEN! Yay! 🎉  If you haven't read any of Gwen's series yet, see my page about the Empathy in the PPNW series STAT!

Bone to Pick takes place some time after Mixed Feelings and is available now at Smashwords!

“I’m a wizard,” says the girl with the rainbow hair. Not ten seconds ago, Gwen thought eating lettuce was going to be the worst part of her day. Now there's a stranger in her office eating her chocolate and trying to pay her five hundred bucks to help steal something.

Might as well give it a shot, Gwen figures. At least it’ll get the girl’s charred fingertips ou…

I'm awesome

Here's why you should read my books: They're awesome. I say that with no hyperbole, they really are! My characters are well-written, clever (maybe not all in the same way), entertaining, and I do my best to make them easy to connect with in some way.

I started writing Gwen for many of the same reasons other people start writing their own stories: because I wanted something out in the world that I hadn't yet found. Gwen has some things in common with Urban Fantasy heroines, but only on the surface. She's got a werewolf trying to get into her pants, she's dumb as a rock, she's out of her depth, and she needs the help of others to solve the magical problems that drop into her lap.

Past that, though, she's different in the best way. Whereas most UF heroines are stupid as stumps, but get praised for being smart and strong and amazing, Gwen gets called on her shit. Her best friend Chloe knows when to coddle her and when to scold her. They have a great give and ta…