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Chili recipe

I finally did it! I finally perfected a vegan chili recipe! Huzzah!

๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŒถI've finally perfected vegan chili! ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŽ‰ A photo posted by Via B. (@naeko) on Oct 10, 2016 at 12:48pm PDT

I've been trying since I went vegetarian to make a really good chili, but I've always failed. I'd try recipes here and there and nothing ever tasted right. It all just tasted like... tomatoes.

Stupid tomatoes.

This time, though, I kept those bastards OUT of the recipe entirely! I made it a pretty lazy recipe, too, utilizing packets, cans, and the crock-pot. I grabbed things I knew I'd like, tossed them into the crock-pot, turned it on high (since the roommate was going to be home to eat it in just a few hours; otherwise, I'd leave it on low), and let it cook. It's amaaaaazing!

Vegan Crock-Pot chili

3 15oz cans of your favorite beans (I used pinto, black, garbanzo; all three can be one kind, or two or three different kinds, whatever you prefer)4 cups of your favorite vegan meat crumble

New short story!

Everyone loved Stan in Business With Pleasure, right? He's such a dorky little sweetheart! He makes my brain happy, and I loved spending time writing him. Because I love catching up with characters in Gwen's world, I wrote a little stand-alone short starring Stan, and I definitely think you'll like it.

A kiss from a lovely stranger, a surprise houseguest, an ill-gotten meal, and an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of his stomach: It’s been a strange day for Stanley Sneedley.

Poppy is a whirlwind of inappropriate caresses, flirtatious winks, and double-talk, but Stanley still can’t help but say yes when she asks for his help. She’s on the run from dangerous men, after all, and Stan can’t bear to leave her to be found and possibly captured. He’s a gentleman above all, and no amount of her suggestive glances from this damsel will change that.

As the night wears on, however, Stan realizes that perhaps Poppy’s not being entirely truthful about why she’s in trouble and how she plan…

So far behind

I'm so far behind, guys. I never really know what to blog about in the first place, but it's been extra hard to blog because I spent almost two weeks in Italy and working up to that took a lot of brainpower. I'm not even sure how, since I really just had to pack and clean the house, but it was like, "hey, I have two months before I go to--wait, what? I leave tomorrow? *silent screams of stress*"

BUT ITALY! It was pretty great. Not so much Rome, which was dirty and stuffed with a line of people trying to aggressively sell me bootleg water and random old ladies trying to touch my face in the hopes I would buy their rosaries or whatever, but southern Italy was pretty spectacular.

I went on a vegan tour with twenty-three other people and it was amazing and soul-soothing and stomach-expanding. Seriously, vegans can eat a lot on our own but you add Italian food--which seems to be based around making you super full in the first place--into the mix and you end up with me…