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How to handle a cold without dying

I got sick a few weeks ago. It was probably my fault for going to a big ol' nerd convention (the Portland Retro Game Expo), though my doctor blames being allergic to my job. Last time I went to a con (Pax 2015) I got pretty sick afterward too, so now I know I'm just allergic to video games. I thought that since I came back from Italy without any cold or flu that I was off scot-free! I was wrong.

It started mildly with a sore throat that I tried to handle with the last dregs of cough medicine, which was a mistake. I got pretty stoned and I'm surprised I was able to do my work at all. My brain was fried for most of my shift on what seemed like half a teaspoon of cough medicine. Maybe it was that I took it on an empty stomach or maybe it was that I was already running such a fever that I couldn't stop shivering. It was so bad.

My salvation, however, was staying home for a few days, cleaning out my sinuses, and making sure I had plenty of tissue to handle my never-ending r…

Create + Donate

A few months ago I stumbled on the trend of pin collecting and I've been mildly obsessed ever since. I can't afford to participate more than as a spectator most of the time, but I still follow a lot of pin collectors on Instagram just because I love to see what they've come up with.

Also, so I have a steady stream of fodder for my PIN-terest board.

The night of the election, many of the pin collectors I follow expressed great sadness and anger and fear and all sorts of other unpleasant emotions. Like me, they were pretty surprised that America decided to put a yam in the white house. The next day, however, many of them decided to stand up and do something about it. Their dedication and eagerness to put goodness out in the world was part of what inspired my post from Thursday about how regular, every day people can fight injustice and stand up for what they believe in.

It also inspired me to message one of my favorite pin makers, Oh Plesiosaur (The only one I've bought …

Rioting is stupid

I expected to wake up Tuesday night and find that we'd elected our first female president. I think most people believed that's what would happen, honestly. Sure, Clinton had some controversy, but she wasn't driven by lunacy. Well, that didn't happen and now the world's filled with hate.

Thing is, you're probably contributing to that hate, whether you realize it or not.

Most of my social media feeds are filled with hate for Trump supporters, for people who didn't vote, for people who voted for third parties, for people who didn't write-in Bernie Sanders, for people who won't stop complaining, for anything related to the election. I get it, I hate things, I totally know what those people are feeling. I work in a hotel. I instantly hate anyone who calls me to request a wake-up call instead of setting it up themselves. I silently wish leprosy on anyone who borrows a luggage cart and then shoves it out into the hallway and leaves it, rather than returni…