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How to Cat: Litter

I love cats and have had them since I first moved out on my own when I was 18 or 19. I meant to adopt one cat but somehow one became three, then later five, then down to four, and now it's been fifteen years of fighting with Martin, mitigating Snap's murderous tendencies, and cleaning up after Lump, and being creeped on by Uriko. I've learned a lot in those many years and that's probably why everyone comes to me when they need cat advice.

I'm not the Cesar Milan of cats or anything, but I have sat for cats, taken in strays, and dealt with having five of my own, so I've usually got a pretty good answer when people ask a question about why their cats are doing something weird/destructive/annoying/silly/illegal.

The top questions I get are about litter boxes, so I'll start there.

Cats can be super particular about their litter boxes. My cat Snap doesn't really care the state of the box, but her brother Lump has always been excruciatingly picky about where …