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How to Cat: Scratching

Does your cat scratch? Congratulations, you have a cat!

A lot of people seek to think this behavior is bad or aberrant or that your cat should be ashamed of what she's doing but let's face it, very few cats understand or are even capable of shame. Have you ever had a cat stare you dead in the eyes while you're using the bathroom? It's super awkward.

Cats scratch for all manner of reasons, any of which you can find with a mere google search including words like, "why," "cat," "scratch," and maybe, if things have gotten real bad, "Asshole feline." Basically it boils down to the very simple reason of, "you adopted an animal, you idiot."

Cats aren't people so, even though we'd like to think Muffin really appreciates that episode of The Bachelor you're watching or Mr. Tinkles is super into that RuPaul's Drag Race-themed water dish you bought her (don't assume Mr. Tinkles' gender identity, you jerk), t…