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What's it mean to be ugly?

What’s it mean to be ugly? I’m sure you know, if you're ugly yourself, but sometimes it helps to put things into words, even if just so you can explain to others so they’ll shut up and stop spouting motivational quotes or “helpful” life tips.

Being ugly can be so many things, can end in so many different scenarios, and can hurt in so many ways. It can be as simple as being ignored by your preferred gender or it can be as painful as being openly mocked and made the butt of cruel jokes. It can be a constant stream of insults and sneers or it can be strangers passing you on the street staring at your face in a way that makes you think maybe you’ve got a mangled opossum on your nose without realizing.

In most of my experience it’s been a quiet sort of awful. I’ve never been pursued by potential partners, I don’t get looked at or flirted with. No one has any interest in speaking with me outside of a mandated social or commercial situation. I’ve never understood it when women complain a…

So you are an unloveable piece of garbage

I’m thirty-five, divorced, childless, lacking any romantic prospects, overweight, and—most importantly—ugly. This isn't me being insecure and sad, this is my life, and since the advice for writers always seems to be, "write what you know" I'm going to write here about what I know: being ugly. I’m guessing you were drawn to the title of this blog post because you’re ugly too. After all, why would an attractive person pause long enough to read something aimed at us repulsive chunks? They have better things to do, like other attractive people.

Whether or not you’re an unloveable piece of garbage for some or all of the same reasons as me, you can be certain that I understand where you’re coming from. I’m not going to lie to you or spout platitudes in the hopes that you’ll spontaneously see yourself differently despite your years of being ignored, ridiculed, insulted, and forcibly celibate. I’m not here to insist you’re attractive in that way that suggests I’m only sayin…