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Gratitudes: Week Two

I skipped Friday this week because of some personal stuff that came up and made it hard to think of anything to be grateful for. That's too bad since, apparently, those times are the ones where you need the gratitude boost the most! I also didn't make it Sunday, just cuz I was sick.

8 January Sunday was crappy! I got sick and it totally knocked me out for the whole day. It started as vertigo, and then turned into some weird flu and then went totally away the next day. Sooo strange.

9 January We have a whole menagerie of squirrels and crows and a stray cat we call Ghost and one bitchy seagull who come hang out in our yard and eat the snacks we put out every morning. The squirrels have gotten to trust us enough that most of them will take a peanut from our hands if we offer it! This one, however, seemed new to the yard and wasn't totally sure of my intentions. He dithered and wiggled his tail and then, with one eye on my face to see how I'd react, he slapped my thumb, prob…

Gratitudes: Week One

I've heard that you can improve your mood just by being grateful. Supposedly whole studies have been done showing that if you just sit and think for a bit about things in your life you're happy about, you can improve your whole outlook. I've been considering trying this since the Ologies podcast had a little mini-sode about it for Thanksgiving, and have decided to give it a try.

I've successfully come up with almost a whole week of gratitude, though it's short because I started January 3rd, and then was sick January 7th.

3 January
I couldn't think of much on day one.
4 January

I got a call from the vet saying that Lump's blood tests came back pretty well, so yay!

5 January
I considered beating myself up, but then went, "nah."
6 January

I got to do a 45 minute True/False test as part of a research project around the MMPI test and then I got $50 for it! Woo hoo!
Hopefully all this typing into facebook and screen-shotting helps me feel better about life,…

2018: Goals

The idea of resolutions is rather dingy and tainted with the idea that no one really follows through on them, so I'm going to try to set out some goals rather than resolutions. There are various areas of my life I'm unhappy in, or at least that I feel need work, so hopefully I can get done most of what  I set out to finish.

Every year, my friend Naomi gives the incoming year a label based on a mythological creature, aiming to structure her reactions to the year and hopefully mold her accomplishments in the image of that creature. Last month, we'd discussed calling 2018 the year of the Qilin, which I quite like. According to stories, the Qilin is a fierce looking creature that prances through the clouds and often indicates good things are coming. In one story, it rocks up to an expectant mother, barfs up a prophecy written on jade, and then prances off. That expectant mother? Confucius' mama! Qilins are vegan, completely disinterested in harming anything--unless you'…