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Gratitudes: Week Eight

I got little sleep early in the week, but once I managed to get a full day I felt great! So, naturally, this week I'm messing myself up again by not sleeping enough. I'll get better, I swear!
18 February  Cody was dog-sitting over the weekend and through part of the week, so I was home alone with the cats, which is great except when vomit happens. I don't do so well with barf, but apparently Maxwell knows that so when Reuben horked, he took care of it. The less said about that the better.
19 February I don't have the tax refund yet, but supposedly it should be more than enough to throw into savings and have at the ready should something go wrong. Hooray! Hopefully it hits my account soon. 🤞🏼
20 February I have no idea how, but I discovered the My Favorite Murder podcast and I'm LOVING it! I've been listening to little else, despite the fact that the hosts have suggested other podcasts that I've grabbed and ALSO enjoyed the first few episodes of! It's a …

Gratitudes: Week Seven

Last week felt like a whirlwind! I got no sleep most of the week, though it was for a good cause; I ate so poorly I gained 6lbs, but only after hitting my lowest weight since (I'm guessing) middle school; I got expensive, fancy candy from my mom, and I got my taxes done!

11 February Friday, I randomly asked on the Facebook event page for Mamrie Hart's book Seattle show if there were tickets left, because I was considering going. I realized after I commented that I volunteer Mondays and that going would mean I would get NO sleep, and also that Cody and I would have to work out the car situation, so I shrugged it off. THEN! I woke up that night to a SUPER nice woman offering me HER two tickets FOR FREE! She couldn't make it, and was just looking to give them away! Holy moly! I accepted, invited my friend Jen, and we headed down to way south Seattle to the show! It was magical and hilarious and I'm SO grateful to the amazing lady (also named Jennifer!) who gave me her tic…

Gratitudes: Week Six

This week was my SIX YEAR Veganniversary, guys! I'm so happy. I wish I'd been vegan for longer, honestly, and if I could go back in time I might slap my younger self and ask her what she was doing  still participating in needless animal exploitation, but I can't DO that because I don't have a kooky scientist neighbor and it's not the 1980s (thank god), so all I can do is celebrate that I've been vegan for over half a decade and make tofu from scratch.
Anyway, here's Wonderwall my gratitudes.
4 February
There was some weirdness with the delivery of said tofu supplies, which I think must have come down to the delivery driver being stoned or something. I was home all day last Sunday and then at around 11am, I got a notice that the package could not be delivered because I didn't give the delivery company my "gate code." I don't have a gate code. My fence is such a piece of garbage I barely have a gate. I checked on the website and the package …

Valentine's Day fun

Just a reminder, if you never grabbed my short story Throb, now's the perfect time to get to it. It's free all the time, but it's Valentine's-themed so what better month to read it than February?

Head to Evernight's site to grab it for free or, if you feel like giving me a bit of loose change and rewarding Amazon for ignoring the call to make free books free, you can find it there instead.

For information on the rest of the series, check out the page at my site: Death in the PPNW.

Gratitudes: Week Five

Week five! We're some percentage of time into the year that I'm too lazy to calculate, but we made it through January! Despite my overly aggressive use of exclamation points!

This week I think I managed a gratitude every day, which I'm pretty impressed by, especially since not a lot went on over the week. I did my usual volunteering, I worked, and then Thursday night at work was pure elephant puke. A huge ol' pile of it, too. Man was that night at work awful.

28 January I had to deal with a homeless lady trying to wreck up the place the week before, so it was nice to have a chill day instead of all that.

29 January I had to book it, but I got to the bus just in time! No sitting in the cold, hooray!
30 January I've been fasting every Monday as habit lately, setting myself up for success since I know I'll overeat on the weekend. But then when I eat Tuesday at the end of the fast, I screw it up by shoveling all the saltines into my face instead of handling my craving…

January Rundown

In an effort to keep myself accountable this year and make sure I accomplish my goals, I've created several spreadsheets to track things day by day. I LOVE spreadsheets and take any excuse to make and use them. The one I used for January tracked my wake up weight, my post fasting or (in the case of days I didn't fast) midday weight, my mood, my allergies, my writing, and my German practice. From there, I made some spreadsheet charts from that info to see how I've been doing and so I could better visualize how well I've been doing on certain things.

I've made updated to my February chart to track my asthma issues, my sleep, and mid-January I started noting down the hours I fasted rather than just noting whether or not I've fasted. I want to see if it has an effect on weight or mood or sleep or anything else. Generally, I've been pretty happy since I started fasting in November, but that doesn't mean learning more will hurt.
Onto the spreadsheets!

I star…