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February Rundown

Wellll I don't feel like February was as successful as January, which is weird because I tried much harder at the beginning to stick to my calorie limit and my fasting commitment. The only thing I can figure is that it wasn't as successful because I ate a LOT of sugar during February. I stopped in at my friends' ice cream shop a lot, ate candy a lot as a treat, and drank a lot more Coke than in January.

Soooo, my plan for March is go go sugar-free for the month. I'm hoping this helps both boost my weight loss before my birthday month, but also helps with my rolly mid-section that seems to have gotten even more puffed up this month than last. Ugghhh. Bodies are the worst.

I added some new things to track for February, including my allergies, my asthma, and my body image, which only seems to be good after a weight drop, hmm.

Just like last month, my calories fluctuated a lot, though I'd like to think I did better at sticking to or below my calorie limit. I always go…