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March Rundown

March was a bust! Blurgh. I failed in everything except getting enough sleep, which was mostly because I was too tired to do much else. I had to be at work almost every day, which made my asthma and allergies really bad, which knocked me out. I'm not sure if my weight stagnation was due to stress or just laziness or what, but I wasn't having ANY weight loss for awhile so I basically gave up. I'm pretty unhappy with myself.

As of today, April 2, I weight 156, which is 7lbs heavier than I weight at the start of March, which makes me feel really shitty. I'm having a pretty hard time with my stupid failure to keep myself in check, honestly. I'd been doing pretty well in January, and even mostly in February, and then I just shot myself in the foot.

It's harder still because I'm spending a full two weeks in Europe for my birthday later this month, and I know I'll come out of that trip heavier just because there's so much good food I want to try all over …