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2019: Year of the Cactus Cat

It's 2019! I didn't accomplish much of what I wanted in 2018, I barely made any money off my writing, I didn't lose any weight, and we're super in debt. Let's do this!

Every year, my friends and I choose a mythical beast as a sort of mascot for the year to come and this year I've chosen the Cactus Cat. It's a little known cryptid from the American southwest and is possibly even total BS made up only recently by cowboys for fun, but who cares? I like the general sentiment of the cactus cat and hope that my 2019 goes along its spirit.

The cactus cat is apparently a cat-shaped beast made out of cactus that rolls up to cacti in the morning, slashes them open with its dangerous tail, and then waits for the night to hit. It drinks the fermented cactus water, gets blitzed, and parties. It doesn't really cause trouble, as long as you don't piss it off and as long as you stay out of its territory, but it WILL beat you up if you displease it. Cactus cats also…