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Cover Reveal: Business With Pleasure

I'm mostly done going over the edits on Gwen #2, and running through the formatting as I go, so hopefully I should be getting the book up and out by FRIDAY! Friday being National DONUT DAY! You just know Gwen celebrates that like a holy day. And I know you're SO excited to read Business With Pleasure!

I'm biased, but I really love Gwen's second book. We get another peek into the Fairy world, see Mel face a whole new challenge, and we meet STAN! Oh, Stan. He's the sweetest, which means he had no business being married to Gwen, but that just makes their dynamic more fun. I have a little short story I wrote about him that I'm trying to figure out what to do with once Business is out there, too.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope you had a good Memorial Day, and that you made compassionate barbecuing choices if you had any outdoor parties!

Remodel 3: Judgment Day

All the hard parts of my remodel are done! You wouldn't know it from the next picture, since it was before I got my microwave installed. It was, like, a 500lb microwave that needed to be attached to studs. That I didn't do on my own because I'm scared and could barely lift it, and handymen were going to charge a lot of money. I got a friend from work to help me for the cost of a beer instead. Huzzah!

I've got new floors through the public areas of the house, I have a kitchen again, I have a dishwasher, I have a living room, and the tree that was destroying my roof slowly and with great malice (I'm just assuming; the tree and I never had words) is gone!
The first six months of my self-proclaimed Year of the Phoenix have been a pain in the ass. I started the year with all these goals that I've only sort of accomplished, and I'm pretty frustrated with myself for being so far behind where I wanted to be at this almost-halfway point of 2016. I haven't lost …

Business With Pleasure

Mixed Feelings is officially on track to be re-published in a week! It will be on Amazon for 90 days, and then I’ll start getting it out on other platforms.

If you're chomping at the bit for the sequel, I have good news there, too! I'm going over the edits sent back to me by the fabulous Word Vagabond and getting that puppy ready to publish. You wonderful fans who have been waiting forever to see what Gwen gets up to next, save your pennies, because the e-book sequel, Business With Pleasure will be out soon!

Here's a bit to get you excited:
There's an assassin in town trying to catch a murderer, a lovesick werewolf trying to get lucky, and Gwen Arthur still has a mysterious magical marauder stealing her sugar stash. On top of all that, Gwen's estranged ex-husband Stanley’s in town asking for a favor. She’s got to help, of course, if only to ease her guilt over how they left things a decade earlier. Too bad she’s got no idea how to deal with a rogue admirer writing …

Cover Reveal: Mixed Feelings

Oh my GOSH. I've been trying to figure out this whole self-publishing whatchamajig and it's sort of a nightmare. Different sites say different things, my tax person suggests certain courses of action, the IRS suggests others, and basically I have no idea what I'm doing.

I have accomplished some things, though! For instance, I bought a pack of ten ISBN numbers, which I'll be using to self-publish my Empathy in the PPNW series, which starts with a little book you may have read a year and a half ago called Mixed Feelings!

I submitted Mixed Feelings to Candlemark & Gleam several years ago and at the start it was a great experience working with Kate. We were both so excited to get Gwen out there and to really show the world how enjoyable reading about a gluttonous, dimwitted empath could be! Unfortunately, personal life and business issues cropped up for Kate and in the end, when a few years had passed and I wasn't certain of the future of C&G, I asked for my ri…