Cover Reveal: Business With Pleasure

I'm mostly done going over the edits on Gwen #2, and running through the formatting as I go, so hopefully I should be getting the book up and out by FRIDAY! Friday being National DONUT DAY! You just know Gwen celebrates that like a holy day. And I know you're SO excited to read Business With Pleasure!

I'm biased, but I really love Gwen's second book. We get another peek into the Fairy world, see Mel face a whole new challenge, and we meet STAN! Oh, Stan. He's the sweetest, which means he had no business being married to Gwen, but that just makes their dynamic more fun. I have a little short story I wrote about him that I'm trying to figure out what to do with once Business is out there, too.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope you had a good Memorial Day, and that you made compassionate barbecuing choices if you had any outdoor parties!


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