Coming Soon... Passage Through Moonlight

Fun news! Amber Morgan and I have cowritten a wild romp through werewolf romance with THREE love stories in one amazing package!

Three very different women, bound together by pack, pulled apart by circumstance.

Saboteur of Silver
Alpha wolf of Ascending Moon, Cara has led her pack of werewolf women with a firm hand for her entire adult life, thinking of little else. When a hunter dares cross into her territory, dares to threaten her family, she can think of no better way to spend her evening than putting him six feet under. That is, until he gets his hands on her.

A Dangerous Unmaking
As the Beta wolf of Ascending Moon, Ruri knows it's her duty to support and protect the Alpha at all costs. But must a Beta support an Alpha who's putting the pack at risk by sleeping with the enemy? Ruri's made sacrifices in the name of loyalty before, and nothing can sway her from her dedication to her sisters. Or at least, that's what she'd always believed before laying eyes on a busty and beautiful member of a rival pack.

The Captive of the Slaves
Being the Omega wolf, Flora's used to being overlooked and left behind. Never did she think she'd find someone to love her, to lust after her generous curves, and cherish her despite her weaknesses. Never did she think she'd find the man of her dreams working for an adversary powerful enough to upset the natural balance of the very world.

With the full moon fast approaching, will the Alpha, Beta, and Omega wolves find themselves swamped by their own desires, or can they overcome that which threatens life, pack, and love?

Strong women, hot sex, drama, and good times all for the low, low price of $1.99! YOU. WILL. LOVE IT! Head on over to Amazon to pre-order this fantastic paranormal romance ride through the forest RIGHT NOW!

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