Coming Halloween: Belladonna Clasped

Belladonna Clasped

Arabella Blackthorne always thought of herself as a simple girl. Having grown up in the big city, the only child of a single mother, she's floored to learn she's the heiress to a family fortune she's never heard of.

Now, all alone in a small town, she's determined to start over and shake off the hardship and woe of her old life. She can't do it alone but, lucky for her, a local handyman is all too eager to help. Blackthorne Manor is a house in need of a man’s touch and, as Colter and Arabella grow closer within its walls, he hopes the same can be said of her.

Arabella has a secret, though, a hidden life lived only in dreams. A mysterious lover visits her at night, a rugged stranger who beguiles her and seduces her into learning secrets about him, about Blackthorne Manor ... and about herself. What mystic darkness hides in Arabella’s past? What parts of herself can this mysterious man uncover?

And what must Arabella sacrifice to truly have and hold the man of her dreams?


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