Coming April 22nd: Cash Grab!

Amber Morgan and I have done it again!

Our latest romance is a steamy affair between two opposites who can't help but get involved.
Cash Hunter has dreams of a quiet house where she can live off the land and enjoy the solitude of nature. She grew up hunting, fishing, the only child of a father who knew the value of what Mother Earth can provide. Now, a fish out of water herself, she’s started a job in the big city, planning to work hard and eventually earn enough money to make her dreams come true.
Kristiana Black is a shark, enjoying her place at the head of Solo Holding Enterprises. She gives orders, takes what she wants and, when it amuses her, uses people. Over the years running her multinational, billion-dollar company, she’s left a trail of women in her wake, seducing them as playthings, and dropping them when they no longer amuse her.
Sparks fly when the two women meet, igniting a torrid, passionate affair tucked away in private back rooms. But, just as Cash and Kristiana share smoldering passions, kindling an erotic connection that both women desperately desire, secrets are revealed, threatening to tear them apart.
Gird your loins, and prep your e-readers. Pre-order now and get it delivered automatically on April 22nd!


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