A new beginning + Updates

Since everyone (including me) is out of work lately and tight on money, I decided to start playing around with Gwen's covers. Partly I wanted to update them to look more like Urban Fantasy to attract readers (since right now I have none!) and partly to save money down the line. If I can make my own covers, I can save the cost of having someone else make them for me.

My former cover artist, Michelle Preast is amazing (you should absolutely hit her up if you need covers!) and I'm not changing the covers because of her. I love her covers and thank her sincerely for making covers that are fun and sweet (literally!) and whimsical. Now that Gwen's series is dipping into darker themes (spoiler?), though, I wanted to change the look of the series.

So here we are!

If you already bought the ebooks, please manually update them in your reader; if you bought the print copies, congrats! You have a limited edition copy of the series with a cover that will never again be printed! Hopefully down the line that sucker will be worth a lot of money! (Rest assured, the stories inside have not changed, just the look of the covers.)

I'm working hard on the next book in the series, Lady Killer and expect I'll have it out in July. I'm also going to soon get to editing the first in the Combustion Chronicles series, which I'd like to put out in May. After that, come Autumn, you can expect another romance collaboration with Amber Morgan, a sea monster romance with sweeping sea scenes, a grizzled sailor, and maritime secrets.

Before all that, though, be sure to grab Cash Grab, my latest collab with Amber Morgan about a shark of a businesswoman and her secret romance with her subordinate. It's sexy and romantic and you don't want to miss it!


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